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About Us


The Far Rockaway Church of Christ, located at 21-25 Nameoke Avenue, in Far Rockaway, NY is fast becoming one of the leading congregations of Churches of Christ in the Northeast corridor. In addition to the spiritual edification of its members there are those from the community who attend services and activities at the church on a regular basis. The history of the Far Rockaway congregation is one of perseverance, determination and triumph.

From somewhat humble beginnings in 1976 Bro. Walter Maxwell, Minister of the Roosevelt Freeport Church of Christ, realized that there was a need for a congregation in the Far Rockaway, Queens community. With optimism and faith, in 1977 he sent Bro. Steven Ludy along with Bro. Cornelius Heyward and a few other families who eagerly went to work and started a church there. During the early years of the Far Rockaway Church of Christ, Bro. Steven Ludy served as Minister and Bro. Cornelius Heyward served in the capacity of Assistant Minister. After working to establish and grow a stable and faithful congregation approximately 10 years later, Bro. Steven Ludy relocated to Detroit, Michigan and Bro. Moses Johnson, retired Minister of the Huntington Church of Christ, served as the Senior Minister for several years. Having dedicated his life to the church and demonstrating a resolute desire to see the church grow and prosper, in 1990, Bro. Heyward was ordained Minister, of the Far Rockaway Church of Christ. Since becoming Minister, the congregation has increased substantially from a few families when it began, to in excess of 200 members presently. The church maintains an average attendance of more than 150 members each Sunday.

The Far Rockaway Church of Christ has purchased two pieces of property measuring 150 x 50 and 100 x 135 sq. feet. At this point, the construction of the new edifice is ongoing, and scheduled to be completed by November 2010. The new building will accommodate the increasing membership, in addition to ministries that serve the congregation and people from the local community. The reason for this decision is due to the fact that the church has outgrown its present facility. Since becoming the Minister of the Far Rockaway Church of Christ, Bro. Heyward has established a number of ministries to assist residents in the neighboring area including a food pantry, the Annual Cornelius Heyward Scholarship Fund, as well as other programs and projects for the youth, assistance to the elderly and disabled, clothing allocations to help the disadvantaged, and informational services to aid those in need of social services. The congregation is also involved with missionary work necessitating travel to and from South Africa, to support congregations there.

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